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The Perfect Five and a Half Hour Closing

closing on a homeWe are used to a world where everything is quick and easy. Closings do not have to be quick or easy to be smooth and effective.

I recently headed a closing for a client who had 3 loans on 3 different properties. Each loan was with a separate bank. We consolidated the three mortgages into one loan.

You can imagine the reams of paper that was needed to consolidate all three loans. But, when you take the task at hand one step at a time and make sure everything is done in the right order, it doesn’t matter how complex, it is done without a hitch.

When I approach a complicated closing like this one, nothing is superfluous. No time is considered time wasted. In fact, hurrying through any one of the steps could have added a significant amount of time later on.

It helped that I was part of an experienced team from the bank attorney to the title closer and loan officer. Being part of a good team made the 5.5 hours feel like … well 5.5 hours, but they were well spent.

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