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Brooklyn Real Estate Lawyers: Co-op and Condo Board Representation

• Your condo is struggling with construction issues.
• The offering plan promised a tax abatement, but the city hasn’t signed off on it yet.
• Building department violations seem impossibly difficult to resolve.
• Internal disputes between owners are interfering with progress and quality of life.

Most small co-op and condo boards consist of owner/volunteers who have taken on the responsibility of running what amounts to be a small business. It’s a thankless job, as many buildings are plagued with all kinds of unsolved issues.

Brooklyn real estate lawyers Dickler & Roth can help.
Whether your board is experiencing problems with improper, faulty or incomplete construction, wrestling with mortgages, refinancing or tax problems, have owner issues, building department issues or challenges with the city, we’re here to help.

Real estate lawyers with over 25 years of experience representing co-ops and condos in the brownstone Brooklyn neighborhoods, we provide experienced legal counsel to advise, negotiate and litigate disputes when necessary. We regularly review and advise condo and co-op boards of changes in the law regarding taxes and other financial issues and serve as transfer agents for co-ops.

We get it done

Aside from providing legal remedies, we have also established business relationships with trusted local architects, contractors and engineers who we can call upon to resolve building-wide or individual apartment construction and renovation issues, open permits, structural additions or repairs.

If you’re on the board of directors of a condo or co-op anywhere in brownstone Brooklyn and need experienced legal representation, our real estate lawyers will help you operate your building, counsel and advise your board on internal issues such as amending offering plans, propriety leases, corporate bylaws and government bureaucracies.

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