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Bank Attorneys, Lender Attorneys

Are you frustrated with bank attorneys who have no sense of urgency?

Are you a mortgage professional who is tired of slow responses and poor follow through…frustrated with errors and painfully long turn times…annoyed when you can’t get answers…and are you wondering why the bank attorneys make it more difficult to schedule a closing?

You are not alone or without hope. Mortgage and real estate professionals are often stymied by bank attorneys who drag their feet on new files, overlook deadlines and mistakes or delay sending documents to borrowers or coop boards.

We’re different.
The New York City law firm of Dickler & Roth has been representing lenders for over 25 years. We work for industry giants like Wells Fargo, Bank of America and MetLife Home Loans. You may have not heard of us, because our job is to stay “invisible” and provide seamless closings that are fast and error free.

Serving the ultra time sensitive mortgage industry, our bank attorneys go the extra mile to ensure that no time is wasted. Upon receipt of a new file, a comprehensive package goes out to the borrower with all relevant documentation and a letter explaining the entire procedure, eliminating guesswork and saving you and your clients’ time.

Our lender attorneys know how important it is to get your questions answered quickly, regardless of the complexity. We understand that the success of your deal depends on things running like clockwork, so we keep all players in the loop and aggressively follow up to ensure that there are no unavoidable delays.

We follow a step by step process so that nothing falls through the cracks. Our error rate is very low, and without ascribing fault, if mistakes do occur, we strive for a quick resolution and cure. In fact, since we keep electronic copies of all of our files, should you need copies of missing documents, we can access our files quickly, and email your missing documentation.

Your loans closed quickly, effortlessly and accurately.
If you are a mortgage or real estate professional who wants your deals closed quickly, effortlessly and accurately, give the New York City bank attorneys at Dickler & Roth a call today at 212-962-2000 or click here to contact us electronically.