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Do You Have a Will?

Estate Planning and wills

(Image courtesy of Ken Mayer/Flickr)

The first time you buy real estate – no matter your age – it makes you feel like an adult. I’ve had clients say this to me many times.

So you have a home now. Maybe you have kids already or some on the way.

What’s your plan for the future when it comes to your home, your partner and your kids?

My real question is whether you have planned your estate? Do you have a will? Healthcare proxy? Power of attorney if you are incapacitated?

Many people do not like to think about this, but it’s important. And if you haven’t gotten the paperwork together, I’m giving you the guilt trip right now. This is not something you can work on after the fact.

Dickler & Roght now has an affordable package that covers your basic estate planning needs. Get it over with now and you won’t regret the peace of mind.

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