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Do You Have a Will?

(Image courtesy of Ken Mayer/Flickr)

The first time you buy real estate – no matter your age – it makes you feel like an adult. I’ve had clients say this to me many times.

So you have a home now. Maybe you have kids already or some on the way.

What’s your plan for . . . → Read More: Do You Have a Will?

New Construction in Brooklyn

It seems like everywhere you look in Brooklyn – from the Atlantic Yards to Fort Greene to Williamsburg – residential towers are going up. Some of these are rentals and some are sales, and some experts are predicting a glut in the market. Does this mean that you should wait to buy? Unfortunately there is . . . → Read More: New Construction in Brooklyn

The Perfect Five and a Half Hour Closing

We are used to a world where everything is quick and easy. Closings do not have to be quick or easy to be smooth and effective.

I recently headed a closing for a client who had 3 loans on 3 different properties. Each loan was with a separate bank. We consolidated the three mortgages into . . . → Read More: The Perfect Five and a Half Hour Closing

Buyers Beware!

New federal mortgage regulations make a savvy lawyer your best friend “Read more…”


Brooklyn has opulence...

With more space come higher cost as a combination of townhouses in Brooklyn Heights, into a lavish private mansion, compares to Manhattan pricing. “Read more…”

They didn’t stay together but they each stayed in Brooklyn!

Even celebrities move on from their relationships but two famous writers work at keeping their lives in Park Slope and Boerum Hill, no matter what the cost.



Brooklyn is the new… Brooklyn!


Real Estate in this Borough is booming and stable. A smart investment and great place to live.

Yuppies in a Box

How many yuppies can you fit in a box?  Read more…

The Mayor Looks at Real Estate

The first year grades are in, how did Bill do in the real estate part of the test?

Move over Paris, here comes Brooklyn!

Beards, bike shops and vegan cafes, whose Brooklyn is this? http://bit.ly/1taDcsr